About Us

We enable teams to achieve higher value outcomes.

Our assessments and stakeholder models support Family Offices, Private Equity Firms, Public Companies, Financial Institutions, and their Professional Advisors as the key financial stakeholders in enterprise performance.

Since 2003, our team has successfully completed over 1,500 asset management & performance enhancement projects for clients in all 50 States and internationally. 

We transform intentions into specifically documented stakeholder expectations so that aligned teams can be engaged to take actions and deliver performance outcomes.

To support these engagements we produce unique, interactive Digital Media Assets ("DMA's").  The DMA's are enterprise simulation models that enable high velocity growth, change management planning, and measurement for all project stakeholders.

Engagements are typically focused on performance improvement and client earnings growth through revenue increases (25%), supply chain cost reductions (25%), SG&A performance improvement (20%), operations improvement (20%), and through corporate restructuring (10%).

Unique in M&A due diligence and enterprise asset management, our proprietary Performance Visualization System ("PVS") is a diagnostics application to assess each company’s “stakeholder ecosystem”. Proprietary, interactive Digital Media Assets are created that deliver measurable, visual intelligence regarding the financial impact and alignment of each stakeholder (i.e. customers, suppliers, employees) on the client’s performance outcomes. The deliverables range from detailed analysis reports & summary digital videos, to fully interactive 3D stakeholder models with dynamic data and analytics for team collaboration.

The combined capabilities of our "Talent & Tools" enable greater precision in earnings growth planning, high velocity change management, and reduced risk for companies in dynamic markets. 

Schedule an initial consultation (no cost) by email to:  tliggett@performancecp.com 

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